About Us

Our ministry first began in 2000, when our Executive Director, Sue Marshall, traveled to Russia and saw first-hand the needs of orphans in Russia. Sue began developing relationships with orphanage directors and staff in Russia. Through the years, the Lord used her, expanded her deep love for Russia and orphans, and placed people in her path who could help advance the ministry. Local volunteers were recruited and equipped to work with the orphanage staff and children. Fory Charitable Trust was created in 2008 to carry on the legacy of Wilma Fory’s support of our work with orphans in Russia.

A New Name – Same Organization

Throughout the years, people have asked “What is Fory Charitable Trust and what does it do?” Simply, our name did not speak to what we did. To address these questions, the Advisory Board voted to change our public-facing name to Russian Orphan Care. We are the same organization with the same team of people dedicated to our mission – to improve the lives of orphans in Russia

Mission Statement

The mission of Russian Orphan Care is to improve the lives of Russian orphans in obedience to our faith. James 1:27

We achieve our mission by:

  • Ministering to children who have been orphaned or are at-risk of being orphaned.
  • Equipping individuals to minister to orphans through mission trips, volunteering and giving opportunities.
  • Training and equipping local volunteers to serve as mentors, teaching social and life skills.
  • Providing humanitarian aid and support for programs and building improvements.
  • Providing transitional housing and programs that help orphan graduates transition to independence.
  • Fostering programs that care for the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of orphans.
  • Exhibiting God’s special love for orphans through the work we do.

Advisory Board

Sue Marshall, Executive Director
Denise Allen
Amy Arnold
Daniel Bercaw
Lauren Boyles
Stephen Huzar
Michelle Richey
Sophya Tabrovsky
David Davidson, Honorary Member
Marina Gibbs, Honorary Member

We want to hear from you!

P.O.Box 926398, Houston, TX 77292 smarshall@forytrust.org

Mobile: 713.305.6518

Office: 713.681.5372

Fory Charitable Trust d/b/a Russian Orphan Care is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Fory Charitable Trust d/b/a Russian Orphan Care is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

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